New modern bedroom set
New contemporary bedroom set
New Model April Released
New Model April Released
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Our Mission

During all these years our company’s mission remains to provide the highest quality furniture with the most competitive price.
We are able to deliver on-time quality modern, contemporary and classic furniture with an outstanding use of our numerous crafts such as serigraphy, UV painting, Polyurethane decorations and upholstery in order to fulfill a wider variety of demands in a fast changing market.

Classic Bedrooms

Bedrooms trends are always changing but if you’re looking for a style that will withstand the test of time, then a classic bedroom is the perfect choice. Our classic rooms  collection perfectly complements both traditional and modern interiors. This bedroom style is ideal for adding your own personal touch, you can completely change the look of your room with changes to lighting, furniture or a touch of colour.

Modern Bedrooms

A modern bedroom does not have to be stark and cold. Think of it more as a pared-down, sleek look that is conducive to getting a good night’s rest. Creating a polished, modern aesthetic that’s also cozy means incorporating luxe bedding, rich materials, and the occasional pop of color. Here are some modern bedroom designs that will help you transform your space into a clean and cozy calming environment.

Contemporary Bedrooms

When it comes to contemporary bedrooms, one thinks of the south of Italy. Those beautifully colored buildings filled with wonderful art and furniture.
With this collection we do our best to represent that feeling, that mix between the past and the future, in truly present and strong way, inspired by some of the most breathtaking designs.


Enjoy the journey into our colourful selection upholstered beds. We have italian, scandinavian and oriental designs which will suit all tastes. The range represents first class products, competitive designs and a future/present approach to an ever globalising market.



In this cosmopolitan world, there is one piece of furniture, upon which our health is most dependent today, and we are not talking about the mattress. 

Today the sofa is a mattress, a bed, a chair, an armchair and finally, it is also a sofa.


Our mirror collection in all it’s beauty!

From venetian gold leaf to white high gloss finishing, our mirrors are hand crafted by many precious ladies and gentleman, to arrive at the final customer, each with a unique touch of art. Our gold leaf technique is one of our most antique crafts and we proudly preserve it, hoping that it will be transferred from generation to generation.